Church History


The congregation of St. Paul’s began in 1882. The original church building was on South Lafayette, just three blocks from the current location. Construction on the current church building at Broadway and Massachusetts was finished in 1928.


In 1955, St. Paul’s added to its campus with the completion of the school building. An addition to the school was finished in 1965 to accommodate the growing number of students.


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has been served by thirteen pastors:

Rev. Carl Friedrich Graebner 1885-1889

Rev. Henry John Lobeck 1889-1897

Rev. Theodore Bundenthal 1897-1905

Rev. Charles Henry Baepler 1905-1921

Rev. Herman H. Heidbreder 1922-1948

Rev. Walter Frederick Strickert 1948-1968

Rev. Melvin Rudolf Geffert 1969-1973

Rev. Erhard Walter William Wolf 1973-1994

Rev. Lambert John Mehl 1982-1985

Rev. Maynard Henry Brandt 1992-2001

Rev. Bert H. Eickhoff 1995-1998

Rev. Kenneth Lee Tatkenhorst 1999-2011

Rev. Jeremy Michael Freeman 2007-Present